Who are we ?

Mitchell and Johnson is a British Hi-Fi company established in London 2012 by Paul Mitchell and David Johnson. Paul Mitchell has now left the business and has moved onto pastures new.

Both born in the 60’s, we were teenagers whose musical taste was heavily influenced by great British Rock bands like, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, then along came Punk Rock, The Jam, The Sex Pistols, UK Subs. Into The 1980s and the birth of Synth Britannia, with OMD, Human League. Then came the 90’s with Brit Pop, Oasis and Blur, we both passionately love music, especially British music.

My guilty secret though is Elvis Presley, I love the King, Thank you very much.
In today’s digital world, music consumption is at a record high and is listened to on so many devices, from smartphones to Hi-Fi. I believe there is a whole generation from c 8 to 40 year olds who haven’t sat in a room and heard music in stereo, it’s like a headphone, or a concert /music festival experience but for your home. The vocals coming from one side of the room, the lead or bass guitar coming at you from another.

This state of the art technology combined with classic hi-fi design at an affordable price, that you can take out and about with you, to enjoy and share your music that's our passion.

I want that Stereo effect and best quality possible music experience for as many people as possible, to share and connect with your emotions as Bono put it:“Take me to that other place”

As someone commented “Retro chic with leading edge Geek!”
As a team we are the Mitchell and Johnson sound evangelists.

-  Dave Johnson