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by Alex Hardiman on Kickstarter

The GL2SE are a top quality product in build and appearance; the overall package itself allows them to stand alongside every other similar product you'd find on the shelves of a well known tech store depicted by a piece of fruit. But the listening experience is something else. The majority of headphones out there sit in the £200-300 range for what people consider to be quite decent and better than they have previously heard. Then some of the more 'premium' brands or the higher quality ranges from those brands start to move into the £300-350 range, some even sitting around £379 or £429, especially when wireless comes into it. (personally, I wonder how much difference is between a £199 and a £379 wireless pair?).Then you have the whole world of audiophile kit and it seems the bulk are in the £499-999 region before you start getting into silly territory.It's clear to me that the GL2SE sit above and beyond the £399 range and quite how close to a $1000 pair they sound is obviously up for debate, but I'm sure plenty of people will accept that they deserve to sit at the same table.All this for a RRP of £199-249 is seriously crazy. And I think an added bonus for them is that they don't look like some weird, space-age, only wear in the safety of your own home, piece of kit. They are solid, robust, have clean lines and no unnecessary overblown design features that would make anyone look at you in any way other than curiosity and desire! All in all, you get all the advantages of great quality sound without the detractions of dodgy design or over-inflated prices.

by Doug Adams on Kickstarter

Anyone think M&J will do more Kickstarters? Especially with headphones? This was a superb KS. Love my GL2 Electrostatz.

by Giorgio Catena on Kickstarter

received the headphones 4 weeks ago and after spending some hours listening music an steeaming media using different dacs and other analog sources i can definitely say that it was a dramatic upgrade compared with my audio technica ath-909. Coupling them with mDSD DAC transformed the way i listen liquid music on my pcs and phones.

by Alex Hardiman on Kickstarter

When I saw the Stones Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery with my Dad, he told me how, as a 12 year old boy, he bought Let it Bleed when it came out, and went straight home to put it on. After Gimme Shelter had completely blown his tiny little mind, he said that he lifted the needle and put it back to the beginning. Apparently it took him a good while to get past that first track.I think I've just had as close to that experience as is possible in this day and age.

by Andy Sutherland on Kickstarter

My brother was using a straight up iPhone 6 with crappy 256k downloads from iTunes. I'm planning on bringing him along slowly so he can unleash much more potential out of his new cans. When he said that everything was better he was specifically speaking about the precision and balance. He thought the detail was astounding, particularly in the mids and highs. His tastes lean to acoustic and folk so it's a perfect fit.

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