Cool Timeline

May 06

May 2012

Company incorporated as a British Hi-Fi company established in London.

Dec 06

Dec 2012

Hi-Fi World magazine awarded our spotify enabled lossless player the best streaming product.

Sep 06

Summer 2013

We celebrated the major investments that allowed us to further our journey. . 2 years of product and sourcing development…

Sep 06

Summer 2015

Launched in UK and 8 countries internationally of our Hi-Fi range. Followed by a test marketing of our electrostatz headphones…

Jan 06

Jan 2016

Successful launch of our Kickstarter campaign at CES Las Vegas.

Apr 16

April 2016

Hong Kong Electronics Show April 2016 first live headphone samples.

Aug 16

August 2016

Hong Kong High End Audio Show August 2016 First Production headphone units shown

Aug 16

August 2016

Canjam London August 2016- Full headphone range presented to audiophile community

Sep 16

October 2016

Indulgence Show London October 2016- Launch of UK manufactured Hi Fi range- Full headphone launch to retail buyers

Sep 16

Jan 2017

Global launch to retail of our full electrostatz headphones.